Thursday, October 27, 2005

Friday October 28

For the first time in ages it looks like we'll actually have at least three members of the movie club available to go to a show tomorrow. It's been a long time.

With the fact that we missed last week altogether, as well as the fact that no one has really gone to too many movies outside of the club for the last little while, the field is pretty open with regards to which movie to see tomorrow.

I would guess the current favorites to be (all times are for SKC):
Saw II: Horror, 10:10 or 12:15
The Weather Man: Comedy-Drama, 10:10 or 12:20
Wallace and Gromit: Comedy-Animation, 10:15 or 12:25

If we expand to include times after 1:00, that opens up SC and a few more choices (it may also make it possible for Rat to join)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Movie Review: Into the Blue

"Into the Blue" stars four hot young bodies, one of which is the ASSpiring star Jennifer Alba, and a fifth player - who I think is the real star of the show -, namely Jennifer Alba's rump. Yes, that's right, her ass. Since the ass doesn't have any speaking parts, nor does it have a character name, I will refer to it simply as Ms. Butt. Ms. Butt also has her two sidekicks, Ms. Right Pointy Nipple and Ms. Left Pointy Nipple. These three ladies make up the essence of "Into the Blue." Really, there is not much more to the movie. Ok, ok, there is a ASSinine story about a drug dealer's plane that crashes into the ocean, only a few hundred feet away from a sunken treasure ship, BUTT this is all just backdrop so that Ms. Butt and her two friends may swim back and forth, up and down, and back and forth, up and down, over and over and over. Breathtaking. "Into the Blue" also offers viewers valuable life lessons, like the platitude: Don't do drugs or sharks will eat you. Or how about: Don't be too greedy or evil drug smugglers will ASSault you.

The film ENDs with some silly chase scenes, and the inevitable ASSASSination of the bad guys. When the credits roll, Ms. Butt gets to swim by again and again. If Ms. Butt could speak, I'm sure she would paraphrase John F. Kennedy: "ASS not what your Close-up can do for your CAN - ASS what your CAN can do for your Close-up."

2 out of 5

-By MacDaddy

Friday October 14th

Well this may be a week+ late, but since it took MacDaddy that long to finally write his review, I wasn't really in much of a rush to admit which movie we had gone to see.

Well the movie for that week turned out to be "Into the Blue".

The reasoning (and yes there actually was a reason behind this decision)? Well only Mac and I were going, and he realized of all the movies that were currently out (most of which we had either both already seen or had generally bad reviews), "Into the Blue" was the one Mrs. Mac would be less likely to want to ever see either in the theatre or at home.

He was probably right on that call.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday October 21

Sadly, no movie this week. Me and Mac actually have too much work (well mostly Mac) and I haven't seen AJ around all day.

The fact there isn't a whole lot out this weeks helps dull the pain though.