Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday June 2nd

No matter how hard we try it just seems there are forces beyond our control trying to prevent us from hold a 'meeting' this year. This weeks best chance looks like District B13 @ 1:25 but even that is in serious doubt.

B13 was a shoe-in for the movie choice (you may not like his storylines but there's little debate that Besson knows how to write a good action sequence) but a going away lunch for my former, and Mac's current boss, has thrown a wrench in the works so instead of a pre-lunch movie we have to hope for a quick lunch so we can make it across town for a post lunch flick.

As always everyone more than welcome to join in.

Movie: District B13 (currently sitting at 84%)

Time: 1:25
Place: SilverCity