Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday October 20th

Boy it's been a while although technically we have had some Friday meetings without them being documented to the site.

Today however, it looks like we're going to be all official and announce the Friday Morning Movie a few hours in advance. Today's flick, barring any work interruptions or explosive coughing fits, is The Prestige. This looks like a good one, with 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, so we don't even have to invoke Rule #2, exception #1 to add it to our schedule.

Since South Keys doesn't have a morning show we will be holding our group meeting at the much more accommodating SilverCity theatre.

Movie: The Prestige

Time: 12:40
Place: SilverCity

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Friday September 1st

If all goes well and Mac is able to talk Mrs. Mac into letting him 'go to work' then we'll be seeing Crank sometime tomorrow morning.

Not a lot of reviews on RT yet but for a movie that is essentially a Transporter movie with a different lead character name who needs reviews.

So tentatively we have:

Movie: Crank

Time: 10:30
Place: South Keys

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friday July 28

Time to break out the pastels shirts and white suits, all the while cruising to the smooth sounds of Mr. Phil Collins. Besides Miami Vice finally making it to the big screen, tomorrow marks the first time in, well I don't know how long, that an official meeting of the FMMC will have a full contingent of 3 (Rat having left the core group to start his own west end branch).

We actually did see a movie last weekend but as usual, it was only Mac and I that managed to make the time to see Clerks II (and I'm sad to say I wish I hadn't).

So the details for anyone else interested in joining us:
Movie: Miami Vice
Time: 10:10
Place: South Keys Cinemas

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday June 2nd

No matter how hard we try it just seems there are forces beyond our control trying to prevent us from hold a 'meeting' this year. This weeks best chance looks like District B13 @ 1:25 but even that is in serious doubt.

B13 was a shoe-in for the movie choice (you may not like his storylines but there's little debate that Besson knows how to write a good action sequence) but a going away lunch for my former, and Mac's current boss, has thrown a wrench in the works so instead of a pre-lunch movie we have to hope for a quick lunch so we can make it across town for a post lunch flick.

As always everyone more than welcome to join in.

Movie: District B13 (currently sitting at 84%)

Time: 1:25
Place: SilverCity

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Friday May 4th

It seems like forever since the last meeting of the FMMC, and wouldn't you know it, it's Tom Cruise that's bringing us back together. Well, not all of us, technically not even a majority of us, ok just Mac and me, but it's still enough to call a formal meeting dag nabbit!

The exact time and place have yet to be decided for sure but South Keys is looking like the definite front runner (at least partially due to my car being in the shop for body work and us probably relying on OC Transpo to get us to out destination).

So here are the pertinent details:

Movie: Mission Impossible 3 (currently sitting at 77% on RT)

Time: TBA
Place: TBA

Due to circumstances beyond our control this meeting had to be cancelled.
One of these days we will manage to get out to another movie on Friday morning or so help me God...!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday March 17th

Looks like V for Vendetta has won the support of all the club members that are available for a movie today, so barring any unforeseen work problems, it looks like an early afternoon showing.

Movie: V for Vendetta

Time: 12:15 or 1:30 (based on how far Mac can get with his system fix)
Place: Silver City

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Friday March 3rd

In a surprise move, Ultraviolet has been bumped from the position of leading contender for the next FMMC meeting. Instead, Night Watch moves in to take over the top spot due to it's sudden , and unexpected, appearance at the Empire 7 (formerly the World Exchange theater).

So barring anymore unforeseen events, or a coup by MacDaddy, the movie of the week will be:

Movie: Night Watch

Time: 3:35
Place: Empire 7

P.S. Not to leave Rat out (or more importantly, Milla), I'll be sacrificing my Friday afternoon to drive out to the AMC Kanata to catch the 5:45 of Ultraviolet. Everyone's welcome to join in.