Thursday, October 27, 2005

Friday October 28

For the first time in ages it looks like we'll actually have at least three members of the movie club available to go to a show tomorrow. It's been a long time.

With the fact that we missed last week altogether, as well as the fact that no one has really gone to too many movies outside of the club for the last little while, the field is pretty open with regards to which movie to see tomorrow.

I would guess the current favorites to be (all times are for SKC):
Saw II: Horror, 10:10 or 12:15
The Weather Man: Comedy-Drama, 10:10 or 12:20
Wallace and Gromit: Comedy-Animation, 10:15 or 12:25

If we expand to include times after 1:00, that opens up SC and a few more choices (it may also make it possible for Rat to join)


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