Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday March 17th

Looks like V for Vendetta has won the support of all the club members that are available for a movie today, so barring any unforeseen work problems, it looks like an early afternoon showing.

Movie: V for Vendetta

Time: 12:15 or 1:30 (based on how far Mac can get with his system fix)
Place: Silver City

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Friday March 3rd

In a surprise move, Ultraviolet has been bumped from the position of leading contender for the next FMMC meeting. Instead, Night Watch moves in to take over the top spot due to it's sudden , and unexpected, appearance at the Empire 7 (formerly the World Exchange theater).

So barring anymore unforeseen events, or a coup by MacDaddy, the movie of the week will be:

Movie: Night Watch

Time: 3:35
Place: Empire 7

P.S. Not to leave Rat out (or more importantly, Milla), I'll be sacrificing my Friday afternoon to drive out to the AMC Kanata to catch the 5:45 of Ultraviolet. Everyone's welcome to join in.