Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When the cat's away ...

Don't worry folks, the FMMC is still in existance, we've just haven't been holding any official meetings for the past two months or so. Originally this was because of Christmas vacations but more recently due to the fact that February is the busiest time of year for our particular line of work (and it doesn't help that Rat still refuses to see the light and return the The Bridge).

While we've all been busy it seems our comment section has been invaded with spam. As a little bit of early spring cleaning I'm going t delete all the ads for 'free online dating' and 'stock tips', etc.., and just for safe measure I'll be implementing the word verification feature. I will be leaving the comment linking to the Juicy Fruiter Blog since, oddly enough, the site is legit. The comment probably isn't, as the site indicates they were hijacked by porn pirates recently, but hey, no harm no foul.

For anyone interested in the upcoming schedule, it looks like the next meeting will be held whenever and wherever Ultraviolet shows up. We just can't let a Milla Jovovich sci-fi movie pass us by, no matter how bad the reviews turn out. So the good news is according to all the ads, we should be having our first meeting of the new year, next week.


Blogger AJRimmer said...

If Ultraviolet reviews are really brutal another FMMC action favorite Bruce Willis has his new flick 16 Blocks coming out the same week.

February 22, 2006 10:58 a.m.  

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