Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friday September 22nd

It's been a couple of weeks since an official meeting of the FMMC (although Rat has dropped by the old stomping grounds after work a couple of times which resulted in a trip or two to Silver City). This week MacDaddy is on course ( slacker =) and AJ is off.

But, in a sign of dedication to the group he co-founded, or possibly just a need to escape his new job, Rat is ready to sacrifice and take the afternoon off so that we can go see a film. AJ, has even stated that pending spousal approval (as long as she doesn't want to see the movie too) he will also come into town for an afternoon movie.

So the choices for this week seem to be limited to The Corpse Bride and Flightplan, with a heavy favoring of the former, unless one of the other movies in limited release happen to show up in Ottawa. The movie time will most likely be either be 12:45 (SKC or C) of 12:55 (SS).

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday September 2nd

So this one wasn't even a contest. With MacDaddy skipping town leaving Rat and I to make the decision, Transporter 2 won, hands down. (It doesn't hurt that we both have the $9 off coupons from buying the original Transporter DVD.)

So here are the details:

Movie: Transporter 2

Time: 1:00
Place: Silver City

On a sad note, this may be the last Friday Morning Movie Rat makes it out as he has decided to move on to greener pastures, or at least a grayer parking lot, on the other side of town. But now that he'll be working closer to where AJ lives, there may actually be a second branch of FMMC opening up. Only time will tell.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Movie Review - The Brothers Grimm

I don't think Terry Gilliam has ever been accused of making a boring looking picture, and this is no exception. Everything in this movie looks great, great looking cast, great sets, great scenery, etc.. The only thing that falls short of greatness is the script itself. While the main story, an evil old queen needing to steal children's youth to stay young herself, is fine, it's the scene to scene details that are lacking.

From some severe overacting by some of the supporting characters, to an entirely unnecessary sub plot concerning the French occupation of Germany, I found it very hard to really get into this movie. There just seemed to be a lot of focus on needless details and not enough on the main characters.

As long as you don't go into this film expecting a great movie, you may actually enjoy it, but it will never be considered a classic tale, by anyone.

2 out of 5

Movie Review - The 40 Year Old Virgin

Without a doubt 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' is the funniest movie of the year so far. From the previews you might expect a sort of Will Ferrell-esque version of Porky's (and to be honest there is some of that) but the main part of the movie is actually so much more than. In fact, it's a quite well written comedy that, while often outrageous, is always believable. The jokes are funny and constant and perfectly mixed with the more serious parts of the film.

Steve Carell just does a great job in his first leading role. Whether playing it straight or going all out, he never seems to be overacting (my only complaint about Will Ferrell). Don't be surprised to start seeing him show up in a lot more films in the near future.

The best part of the movie is the pace. While so many movies of this type have to have a lot of filler to get from one big joke to the next, the comedy in 'Virgin' is just constantly happening. There is never a dull moment or a wasted scene.

If you liked the previews, you'll love this movie. If you thought they were a bit juvenile, don't worry, you'll still love this movie. It has something for everyone.

4.5 out of 5