Friday, November 04, 2005

Movie Review: Saw II

You wake up in a dark room with a bizarre contraption bolted securely to your head: a giant red boxing glove on a powerful spring. An evil clown with swirly cheeks, who sounds much like the young man at the confection stand who sold you the $10 dollar popcorn combo, tells you that he wants to play a game. He says if you can finish the giant pail of soda and the enormous box of corn, you may live. You think, hell man, if I do eat all this I will die anyway.

You get punched in the face. You wake up.

You are still in a dark room. You fell asleep during "Saw II" and had a bad dream.

Yes the Jigsaw killer is back. He still has cancer and he wants people to appreciate their lives. Give them a near death experience = everything tastes better, even water. Heck, you just may win the Tour de France seven times in a row.

If I had all the time, money, and intelligence to create monster labyrinths of pain and torture while doing chemotherapy, I figure I would rather devote myself to finding a cure for cancer. But hey, that is the selfless kind of guy the Jigsaw killer is.

Oh yeah, this is a movie review, so on to the point. Lots of blood. Lots of people suffering in weird contraptions. A so-so twist at the end, and the door is left open for another squeal. If you wake up in a dark room, hopefully it isn't "Saw III."

2 out of 5

- By MacDaddy

Friday November 4

Well it looks like this weeks movie choice, in honor of Rat Kawanga, will be Dreamer, the touching story of a young girl and her horse inspired by a true story. Just kidding, he's too busy with his fitness class and shopping around for that perfect Beetle (go for the Sunflower Yellow Rat) to go anyway. (I know he's going to want to kill me, but until he actually gets his new Beetle and for that matter, his license, I'm pretty sure my car can still out run him. No matter how many classes he's been to)

No, it looks like the choice of movie today will be Saw II. So here are all the important details:

Movie: Saw II
Time: 12:20
Place: SKC