Friday, April 08, 2005

Movie Review: Sin City

While I actually saw this last weekend I figured it would be bad Karma to review a movie before the club went to see it. But since everyone's seen it now, here goes my review for Sin City:

As a date movie, Sin City is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. The never ending violence, gore and blood spattering (even if the blood is not necessarily red) just does not lend itself to cuddling up with your significant other in the dark.

As a comic book/graphic novel adaptation, it has no equal. Sure, based on your preferences, there may be other comic inspired movies that you may like better, but none even come close to translating the drawn pages to the silver screen the way Sin City does.

From the choice of only using black and white, with the occasional bit of colour, to the slow moving acting, there are times you could swear what you are seeing on the screen is actually one of Frank Miller's sketches. It's almost as if they used the storyboards for the movie instead of bothering to act them out.

The dialogue style is another area that is pulled directly from the graphic novels. Since the layout of comics do not lend themselves well to long conversations between characters, most comments are short, sweet and to the point. With the exception of the abundance of internal monologuing, another common comic device, most of the interactions between characters leave you with much more to see, than to hear. Just the way a well drawn comic should.

In other movies the overall style may have been a drawback, making things seems slow and awkward, but here, it all works to capture the viewer and pull them in. It is so close to the original comic source that spawned it that you can almost picture the words up on the screen.

If you want to see a comic book come to life the way it was meant to, do not miss this movie. On the other hand, if you just want an excuse to make out in the dark, go see 'Fever Pitch' or something.

Oh yeah, and the outfits aren't bad either.
I smell an Oscar (and I don't mean that creepy guy in the second row).


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