Thursday, March 17, 2005

Friday March 18 - March 25

Looks like there is no strong runner for this weeks movie.

The current favourite, The Ring 2 is currently struggling around the dreaded 30% on RT and with Rat AWOL for the weekend it looks like we might just skip this Friday. (Although there is a building grass roots drive to go see Phil the Alien at AMC).

Next Friday is the start of the Easter long weekend so since there is no work to escape, there will also be no club "meeting".

In a last ditch effort to avoid work this afternoon, Phil the Alien was chosen for our Friday movie. Even Rat is taking a break from his vegetating on the couch to go. (Although I hope he doesn't expect me to come pick him up)

Time: 2:00 (while not technically a Friday morning it is the only time it's playing)
Place: AMC


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