Monday, March 28, 2005

Movie Review: Robots

In keeping with the spirit of the movie club, last Friday, even while out of town, I grabbed my neice and nephew (while not official club members they do provide good excuses to see an animated movie) and went to see Robots. So here is my review.....

With Robots, Fox Animation tries to show that 'Ice Age' was not a fluke and they can play ball with the big boys from Dreamworks and Pixar. Short answer, they can. In fact, Robots has more in common with earlier Pixar movies like "Finding Nemo" than Pixar's own latest release "The Incredibles".

Robots is the perfect type of movie for the whole family. Kids of any age will be able to find humour in almost every joke while those of us who are a little older will see the many extra levels. This is especially true of all the music used throughout the picture. Much of it is at least 10 years old and while the style always fits the scene, for those of us who remember what was happening when each particular song originally came out, the jokes are just that much better.

The voice acting of all the stars involved, from Ewan McGregor to Jennifer Coolidge, works perfectly. While they often use big name actors to provide the characters voices, they all seem to be able to make their characters real and do not just sound like they are reading their scripts in a sound studio somewhere. Overall, a very well casted picture.

As for the animation itself, Fox shows they are definitely on par with the big two. From the shine of the new robots to the rust and grime on the older models, every detail seems like it was painstakingly brought to digital life.

Even if you don't have any kids to use as an excuse, go and see Robots. You will not be disappointed.

4.5 out of 5


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