Tuesday, March 08, 2005

He-Man Friday Morning Movie Club Rules Amended

First thing, our name: I have changed us to the He-Man Friday Morning Movie Club.
Why? I love women and I love to make love to women - Love it!
So now on to HMFMMC Patriot Act.
Formal club rules:

1) All members must see the same movie on a Friday. Majority rules, solidarity among the brotherhood.
* (unless you invoke the No Lemming clause, which states: If the Rotten Tomato meter is under 30% fresh, a member may opt out and go to a better film provided the show times are close and nobody has to wait around for you in the lobby.)

2) No chick flicks unless there is blood and mayhem in the storyline.
* (or Scarlett Johansson)

3) Members should keen their senses to wake up members who have fallen asleep. Look for down-turned heads or listen for snoring.

4) Members should encourage other members to eat more snack food (especially that MacDaddy guy - he needs to eat more popcorn).


Blogger Bic said...

It appears that the name change as well as the ammendments to the Patriot Act have been accepted by all standing members.

To late for anyone to complain now!

March 12, 2005 11:25 a.m.  

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