Friday, November 04, 2005

Movie Review: Saw II

You wake up in a dark room with a bizarre contraption bolted securely to your head: a giant red boxing glove on a powerful spring. An evil clown with swirly cheeks, who sounds much like the young man at the confection stand who sold you the $10 dollar popcorn combo, tells you that he wants to play a game. He says if you can finish the giant pail of soda and the enormous box of corn, you may live. You think, hell man, if I do eat all this I will die anyway.

You get punched in the face. You wake up.

You are still in a dark room. You fell asleep during "Saw II" and had a bad dream.

Yes the Jigsaw killer is back. He still has cancer and he wants people to appreciate their lives. Give them a near death experience = everything tastes better, even water. Heck, you just may win the Tour de France seven times in a row.

If I had all the time, money, and intelligence to create monster labyrinths of pain and torture while doing chemotherapy, I figure I would rather devote myself to finding a cure for cancer. But hey, that is the selfless kind of guy the Jigsaw killer is.

Oh yeah, this is a movie review, so on to the point. Lots of blood. Lots of people suffering in weird contraptions. A so-so twist at the end, and the door is left open for another squeal. If you wake up in a dark room, hopefully it isn't "Saw III."

2 out of 5

- By MacDaddy


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