Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friday September 22nd

It's been a couple of weeks since an official meeting of the FMMC (although Rat has dropped by the old stomping grounds after work a couple of times which resulted in a trip or two to Silver City). This week MacDaddy is on course ( slacker =) and AJ is off.

But, in a sign of dedication to the group he co-founded, or possibly just a need to escape his new job, Rat is ready to sacrifice and take the afternoon off so that we can go see a film. AJ, has even stated that pending spousal approval (as long as she doesn't want to see the movie too) he will also come into town for an afternoon movie.

So the choices for this week seem to be limited to The Corpse Bride and Flightplan, with a heavy favoring of the former, unless one of the other movies in limited release happen to show up in Ottawa. The movie time will most likely be either be 12:45 (SKC or C) of 12:55 (SS).


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