Friday, May 27, 2005

Movie Review: The Longest Yard

I'm only writing this because I feel obligated to review our Friday club selection. I just have to say, the first thing I could think of when thinking of what to say for a review of this movie was "sloppy seconds".

If you were a fan of the original movie you should take my advice. Buy the DVD, take the $6.50 movie coupon inside and go to the theatre and see if anyone will buy it from you for $5. Under no circumstances should you actually use it to go see this movie. On second thought, don't even try to give away the coupon as it might encourage some poor unfortunate soul to go see this travesty.

In case you don't get my subtle hints, this movie is not good. Even though many of the scenes are taken directly from the original, they just seem out of place in this remake. Add to that the abundance of pointless scenes, it makes it a very hard movie to watch. The movie does have it's good parts, the first half of the game is actually ok, but the repetitive or just plain bad jokes are just too wearing. At times I felt like screaming "OK, we get it already!!".

There is just no chemistry between any of the main characters. With the exception of a few actors (Reynolds among them) everyone seems to just be drifting through their parts, Sandler most of all. Either the cast really didn't like each other that much or they were out partying so much the nights before shooting that they just had nothing left for the camera.

The 2001 British remake, "Mean Machine" with Vinny Jones as the imprisoned star player, even though still not as good as the original, stands head and shoulders above this one.

1 out of 5


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